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    Another vintage Sony receiver came into my possession lately. This one is an earlier model compared to the TA-F45 I previously posted about, as you can probably tell from the size and woodgrain style. I've been having extremely bad luck lately when it comes to tracking down any kind of technical specs for stuff I've purchased. This receiver falls under the same category of the unknown.

    I know it entered production some time in the late 1970s and manufactured as late 1981. I read that it's rated at only 28 watts per channel, but after testing it, it honestly sounds quite a bit more powerful. I came to this conclusion by comparing it to my Marantz 2230 which is only 30 watts per channel, but this receiver seems to be able to drive my speakers significantly easier.

    Not much work was required other than a good dusting (the inside was thick with it) and the usual cleaning of pots and switches. I also needed to replace a single lamp. Luckily, I had a spare one handy from a previous project that fit the size and rating of the original. Here's the inside:

    Pretty spacious and looks easy to service, if needed. I found the angled tuner bits kind of interesting. This model has something called a "servo lock" tuner, which (as far as I can tell) only gives you a better visual clue as to when you are locked on a station. The word "servo" makes me think that it's supposed to physically lock onto a station with a motor of some kind, but it seems to work the same as any other analog tuner I've used. Maybe I'll look into it a bit more. Turns out that there is an electronic circuit that locks the station once you get close enough to the center frequency, so there is in fact a bit of extra magic going on.


    Brandon Nielsen

    Brandon Nielsen

    Beautiful specimen! I have the flagship of that line, the STR-V55. You can see a picture at the bottom of my post here:…

    While I don't have a service manual for the STR-V25, I do have the Sony promotional material for the line. If you'd like I could send you a scan. It's a fun read for the buzzword bingo if nothing else.



    I'd like to see those, if it's not a big deal to scan. Thanks!

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